The Betway bookmaker has recovered a lot of its recognition recently, by substantially improving the quality of their services, as well as by putting big efforts for entering into new markets.

Another aspect that helps the company to reach a bigger worldwide audience has been the development of the official Betway app UK. In this mobile app review we will describe it and hopefully provide answers to some question that may arise.

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Setting up the Betway apk for Android

Unfortunately this mobile sports betting software is not available in the Play Store. However, the process of Betway app download is still extremely simple to do in Android systems. How to download the free apk file? In order to install it the following steps must be followed:

  1. Visit the Betway software by using a web browser in the mobile device.
  2. The webpage will automatically detect the Android version of the device. With this information, it will suggest the version of the app compatible with said version.
  3. Tap to download the Betway apk
  4. If the Android device shows an error stating that it is not allowed to install software obtained outside of official sources, visit the security settings of your phone, and activate the “unknown sources” option.
  5. The installation should be completed.

Step 4 tends to be a bit more difficult to understand for a few people. However, it is not difficult at all to understand it. If you are unable to find the application configuration immediately after attempting to set up the apk, simply go to the menu of your gadget, which is most of the time represented by the gear icon. From there, it will be possible to see a list of different settings.

The security menu of the phone or tablet should be immediately visible, and after accessing it, the option of allowing the installation of software obtained outside of the Play Store or other official market should appear among the firsts.

These steps for installing the Betway sports app are valid for setting up the Android software from the UK or from anywhere else in the world. Users are suggested to check the download page from time to time to make sure that they always download the newest version of the applications, as new releases can include new features, fix bugs, and other errors and vulnerabilities.

There is also a dedicated application for the Casino section, which allows the players to make use of it in the same way as it would be done from a mobile or desktop browser. The steps for installing it are exactly the same as the previously mentioned ones.

The Betway apk for this operating systems requires Android 2.0 or higher. This shouldn’t be a problem, considering that devices running older versions of the systems are almost obsolete by any point of view, so most of the customers should be able to run it in their phones or tablets.

Most of the popular brands of tablets and phones are supported, such as Sony, Samsung, Huawei, Nexus, LG, and more. In more general terms, any phone that has enough storage space for installing and running the Betway app UK should be able to handle it smoothly.

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There is a Betway mobile app for iOS as well

If you have an iPhone or an iPad device, then you will also be able to enjoy all the Betway features that Android users can, this is because there are versions for iOS systems as well. The functionality of these mobile applications are as good as the ones displayed by the main desktop website.

But not only that, because in order to make the Betway app download action for these devices, it is only necessary to visit the AppStore and download the free apk as it would be done for any other software for these Apple devices.

It is important to mention that the software will not work if the Apple device is running an iOS version older than 8.1. However, this shouldn’t be a major concern. It has been reported that the applications even works in some versions of the iPod touch.

Many people ask if there is any official Betway software for Windows devices, both computers and mobile gadgets operating under Windows Phone. Unfortunately none of them exist for now. However, both the main desktop and the mobile webpages are available and very functional for this type of gadgets. Thanks to this, the bookmaker intends to reach the largest possible audience.

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Betway app – what are the advantages?

As happens with many other websites and services, besides offering a main website that can be accessed preferably from a PC, they also provide the public with the chance of obtaining a dedicated mobile application for performing some or most of the actions that could be done from the website.

This is considering that mobile devices have a smaller screen and different interface, which sometimes means that using a webpage intended primarily for being used with a large screen, and with mouse and keyboard, could be not comfortable enough if attempted from a phone.

In the case of the Betway app UK and all its other iterations the advantages of downloading the mobile app are not only functional, but also practical, this is because, as an example, a click or a tap in the wrong place could lead literally to a loss of money.

Another reason why download the mobile software if having an iOS or Android device is because Betway UK has exclusive control of its development, optimization, and functionality. Of course there is also the Betway mobile website, which is also very functional and well adapted to the environment offered by a phone or a tablet, whose features will be detailed separately. However, there can be some rare instances where it may not properly load or work in certain web browsers.

To avoid that, it is recommended to always download the latest version of the Betway sports app and other versions whenever possible. This will ensure that members of the community will always enjoy the best possible experience.

Another important information that any user of this software should know are the payment methods that can be used through this app. These aspects along with a few related details are detailed in the table below:

Payment method Minimum/maximum deposit amount Deposit delay time Minimum/maximum withdrawal amount Withdrawal delay time
MasterCard/Visa £10/£5000 No delay £10/No limit 1-3 business days
Neteller/PayPal/Skrill £10/£5000 No delay £10/No limit 24 hours
Skrill 1-Tap £10/£5000 No delay Not available Not available
Rapid Transfer £10/£5000 No delay £10/No limit 1-3 business days
Trustly/Paysafe Card/Entropay £10/£5000 No delay £10/No limit Less than 7 business days

As can be seen here, any deposit or withdrawal operation performed after executing the Betway app download action requires a minimum of £10 in order to complete the operations. All methods are able to both deposit and withdraw money except for Skrill 1-Tap, which allows only deposits.

Deposits do not require any kind of wait, so when you add money to your account, you will see it immediately reflected in your balance. All of this is valid for both the Apple and Android versions of the software.

The functions available from the mobile software are exactly the same that would be found from a computer by using the desktop website. It is possible to bet, review schedules, play different games in the casino section, watch live streamings, and much more.

Being more specific, users of the Betway app are able to access all the markets and sports covered by the bookmaker. This includes of course the complete eSports section, which is one that gains more visitors every day.

Frequent users of the Betway mobile apps can also access some really interesting rewards and promo codes, which most of the time can be used in a particular sport or section of the website. This includes the Betway Club, which allows the player to earn £10 in free bets if he or she wagers £25 in the same period of time.

All the live features can be used from the mobile devices as well. It includes the entertaining live betting options, which allow members to wager for specific events that can take place during a match or contest, this is besides intending to guess its winner or final score. In order to help the players to take the best possible decisions when playing under this mode, there are live stats, information, and live streamings in some cases. All can be accessed with a single tap after reviewing a particular match.

As a way to make the process of navigating through the large amount of sports and competitions available, the software includes a very functional search function, which in a matter of seconds allows the user to find their desired sport or contest.

Football players can enjoy a particular advantage when using the mobile applications for both Android and iOS system. This is because here is possible to make use of the Betway 4 To Score feature. Here players try to guess which team among the four highest divisions of English football score the first goal during a matchday. If a lucky player can correctly guess, he or she will have the chance to win a weekly jackpot totalizing £25.000.

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Betway app download process

The applications was tried in both iOS and Android device. After that, it is possible to say that it is highly functional, and delivers most of what it claims without major issues. It was simple to review schedules, watch live streams, deposit and withdraw money, as well as betting and playing.

There is an issue that also plagues the main website, which consists in that the navigation through the main page can be a bit confusing for a few people. This is unfortunately present in the mobile software as well. It is not a major problem, but Betway could attempt some small tweaks to the application in order to make it even better.

Besides this little detail, the software does quite well what it intends, which is to replicate all the actions that can be done from a computer through the webpage from a phone or a tablet. There were no performance issues noticed whatsoever, and the response times, which are important especially in the casino games part, are good even with gadgets that are not top of the line.

For all of this, both the iOS and Android releases of the applications can be considered good, and users are highly encouraged to obtain them if they are interested in using Betway from a mobile device.Get Super Promo Code

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