Opinions about Betway UK

As many people may already know, the Betway bookmakers were founded back in the year 2002. Considering this, it is possible to say that this company was one of the first in the market. Currently it is one of the most popular online gambling and casino portals.

Whether they have succeeded in that is up for debate. Readers of these Betway reviews will get a few clues regarding this bookmaker, which hopefully will help them to decide if they want to give it a try or no.

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Betway UK and its options for gambling

First and foremost, as most of the bookmakers do, the main section offered by Betway UK is the sports betting one. Here is possible to say that the list of available betting opportunities is very generous.

Specifically, in the Betway sports section is possible to find disciplines such as football (or soccer, depending on which country you are reading this from), tennis, basketball, horse racing and much more. It’s important to mention that Betway also has made available other sports that can be considered more rare, such as Gaelic football or snooker. In this regard, it is possible to say that Betway can satisfy almost every taste by offering 25 different disciplines in total, which is one of the largest list of sports among UK bookmakers. All of them offer very competitive odds.

The available matches, tournaments, and competitions where is possible to make online sports betting is no less impressive. Users will be able to find local, regional, and worldwide encompassing championships.

Also, two different ways of sports betting are offered. The first one is the classical pre match bet, where the player attempts to guess the final winner of certain contest. On the other hand, there are also live betting options. There, as the name suggests, people can gamble for specific secondary actions that can take place in a certain sports event. All of this can be done while such game is live.

Players can take good decisions by reviewing real time sports statistics and even the live streamings where different matches can be watched. However, the amount of contests available in this feature is somewhat limited.

But not all wagers have to do with the more classical sports, because Betway UK is trying to target younger audiences by offering a wide array of esports competitions where is possible to bet on, in the same way as it can be done in regular sports. Some videogames that users can follow and bet by using this website include:

  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Starcraft 2
  • World of Tanks
  • FIFA
  • Hearthstone

This list of games is growing permanently, so expect more titles to be added as time passes. In all of them is also possible to place both pre match and live events, as well as access real time stats and live streamings.

However, if esports or regular sports are not your cup of tea, or you want to try something different, in Betway is possible to find some weird, funny and hilarious betting options. For example, through this website people are able to gamble for different and seemingly random events, such as the result of some political election, how a movie or a serial will be received by the public, among other things. The website even offered people to bet on who was going to become the next Pope when Francis was elected. We can say that the Betway staff has a sense of humour.

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What about the user interface of Betway betting?

Most of the people who have visited this betting company or have made use of their services can agree that the first impression that its interface can cause can be a bit confusing. However, it is very easy to get used to it after a couple of minutes and clicks.

When visiting this website it will be possible to filter for easily finding the desired sports or match. After what we want has been found, it is really simple to place a bet. Users will also notice that the odds and other relevant information of a specific match is clearly displayed.

A particular feature offered in the Betway betting section, that we have yet to see in their competitors, is the possibility to choose how to visualize the odds. For example, users are able to change with a simple click between the fractional, American or decimal format. This is great considering that people can be accustomed to different ways of understanding the odds.

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Describing the casino section of Betway bookmakers

As can be seen with this type of companies, while the sports section might be the centre of Betway UK, it is not the only mean of entertainment and gambling that its members can access.

Specifically, there is an important and very complete casino section with tons of games available, including many variants of blackjack, poker, different types of roulette, slot machines, card games and much more.

In general people praise the responsiveness and visual quality of these means of entertainment, which can help Betway bookmakers to provide a great experience to the users who like to play in this section. Members will never feel bored with the dozens of different games available.

It is important to mention that the official Android and iOS Betway app, as their name suggest, unfortunately do not include access to the casino. However, users of mobile devices can still use it through the mobile webpage.

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Other important Betway info

It doesn’t look good if any Betway reviews UK are compiled without providing information of the company itself. As previously said, it has been around for almost 20 years and is currently based in the country of Malta.

Another question that might concern people who are considering to give Betway a try is who owns this company. The answer to this is corresponds to Carmen Media Group, which should be given credit for improving the experience and services offered by the website.

Of course, it is impossible to review a bookmaker without mentioning the payment methods that can be used within it. The following table contains some of the means that can be used in Betway betting for depositing and withdrawing money, along with other relevant information.

Payment method Delay time Deposit/Withdraw Minimum deposit amount
Visa No delay Yes/Yes £10
Mastercard No delay Yes/Yes £5
Maestro No delay Yes/No £5
Neteller, Paypal, Entropay No delay Yes/Yes £10
Skrill No delay Yes/Yes £5
Paysafecard, EPS, eWire No delay Yes/No £10
Bank transfer 3-10 business days Yes/Yes £20

In this table it can be seen that all methods except for the bank transfer have no delay in the transaction, which means that after depositing or withdrawing a certain amount of money, this will be immediately reflected in the payment method and the account balance. Also, none of these methods have any fees associated with their use.

Users are able to review their transactional history. This is a great feature that allows to keep every movement under control, and helps to make sure that no suspicious activity has taken place. However, this last type of issue is unlikely to happen, because Betway UK bookmakers perates with a very secure and reliable system. In any case, customer support is available in case a member needs assistance with any type of problem.

Another curious but very nice feature offered by this bookmaker intends to help players to stop when they feel that they are exceeding their gambling limits. Specifically, if a member feels that his or her finances are getting out of hand, they can contact customer support and request a self-exclusion, which can range between 24 hours and 6 months. During this time the user account will be inaccessible, and it will not be possible to give a premature end to this exclusion.

This positive aspect follows a policy recently implemented by Betway betting which intends to encourage its members to make a responsible use of its services. For this there is a special section where tips for healthy gambling are offered. Also, different measures are taken and implemented for not allowing underage people to bet, and to prevent fraudulent activity from taking place.

In conclusion, Betway is a company that during these last years a lot of effort has been put in improving the quality of its services and the overall experience being provided. There are still some issues and details that need to be addressed, but if the bookmaker continues in this way, they could pose a real challenge to the gambling sites that currently dominate the market.Get Super Promo Code

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